Kyōko Bowden is a graphic
designer, illustrator and animator
from Melbourne, Australia.

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NIDUS Home Automation - UX Design

Nidus is one app that lets you control home device with a single tap. Organise and manage your home the way you want, when you want from the heating & cooling, lighting, music, security, TV and more at the comfort and ease from your fingertips. For my research I studied various home automation systems and looked at their design, functionality, user satisfaction, efficiency and learnability.

Software ︎ Adobe InDesign | Adobe Photoshop |Adobe Illustrator

Design ︎ Kyoko Bowden

Language: English
ISBN-10: 3518375172
ISBN-13: 978-3518375174


May 28 2020

Life with YIC - Campaign Design

‘Life with YIC’ is a campaign designed to educate residents of Hedland and the Pilbara region on sensitive issues facing young people in their community.

Raising awareness of disadvantaged children; issues such as trauma, suicide, addiction, and homelessness. And shedding light on the impact YIC has in helping these people through their trauma-informed-approach.

The requirements of the brief were:
- To keep current YIC branding colours, red, blue, and yellow.
- To keep handprint as this is consistent throughout all their branding.

Design Assets created:
- Logo Animation
- Stylescape
- What is Trauma? Infographic
- 3x Banner graphics for website

Software ︎ Adobe Photoshop | Adobe InDesign | Adobe AfterEffects

Design ︎ Kyōko 
Animation  ︎ Kyōko
Photography ︎ Lauren Jones of EllJay Photography

Language: English
Tags: Poster Design | Stylescape Design| Print | Logo Design

11 ‎Apr ‎2020

Geelong Performing Arts Centre - Concept Rebrand

The aim of this project is to establish a new visual language that matches the vibrancy of the new revitalization of the Geelong Performing Arts Centre which will invigorate the location of downtown Geelong and the new brand positioning.

The final design uses a bold colour palette inspired by the red and purple tones of lighting and theatre atmosphere, chosen purposely to draw the attention of the viewers in, presenting more opportunity for viewers to be enticed by GPAC’s offerings.

Quirky isometric shapes are used sparingly throughout visual language to depict the renowned artistic energy & vibrant nature the of arts centre. The shapes are unique and will help visitors visually associate the GPAC brand.

Software ︎ Adobe InDesign | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop

Design ︎ Kyōko

Tags: Poster Design | Branding


15 Oct ‎2019  

New Arch Magazine

Assignment Brief:
To design and produce a layout for a contemporary architecture magazine.

The objective is to fit seamlessly with the existing visual style of international architecture publications. Students research what this looks like and how the aesthetics of architecture may be reflected through the use of white space, contrast, scale, position, page layout and design. Copy and images are supplied for students.

The focus is to explore the visual and narrative flow over multiple pages, resolve sophisticated and complex typography, design the headers and pull quotes and consider and the readability of the article.

Software ︎ Adobe InDesign | Adobe Photoshop

Design ︎ Kyōko

11 Apr 2020

CSULB Slackline Tuesdays - Design and Asset Vreation 

Assets created:
Instagram Story x2
SRWC Top Website Banner
SRWC Home Page Button
SRWC Hallway Poster
Facebook & Twitter Promotion
ASI Calendar Event
ASI Calendar Button

Programs used:
Adobe Illustrator

Software ︎  Adobe InDesign | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop

Design ︎ Kyōko 

Language: English
Tags: Poster Design | Experimental Design | Print | Publication


11 ‎Apr ‎2019